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The plan area exists in northwest Calgary, within the existing community of Arbour Lake, and is known as the “Aurica Hawkwood” homestead. The Hawkwood Family were the original owners of the lands which make up the community of Arbour Lake and the plan area was, until recently, the home of Aurica Hawkwood.

This homestead has recently been acquired by Hopewell Residential for the purposes of creating an infill development anticipated to contain a variety of residential uses. The proposal for the plan area builds upon the guiding principles found in the Calgary Municipal Development Plan (MDP) and its corresponding Developed Areas Guidebook. Hopewell envisions the Arbour Lake Development to encompass a mix of housing options that cater to a diverse set of individuals from all stages of life. The Outline Plan proposes multi-residential, semi-detached and single-detached units. At full build-out, the community will include approximately 890 units and 2,200 residents and will be part of the Arbour Lake Residents Association.

The design of the Arbour Lake Development reflects the values and vision of the Arbour Lake Community. High-quality housing, purposeful green space, parks and thoughtfully planned neighbourhood pathways will help define the area and will allow for successful connections and integration with the broader community.



Known locally as the ‘Hawkwood Farm’, the Plan Area comprises an area of approximately 43 acres and is located in the northwest Calgary community of Arbour Lake. The lands are owned by Hopewell Residential, an award-winning community developer and home builder headquartered in Calgary, Alberta.


As a five-time Developer of the Year, Hopewell is a leading land development and home building company that strives to create lasting communities and to provide homes that create happiness, pride, security and value for owners. We bring a 20+ year track record in building high-quality homes and communities in Alberta. Our developments have won more than 50 awards for their quality and character, including two prestigious “Canada’s Community of the Year” awards for our Elbow Valley and Mahogany developments. We have hands-on experience in developing award-winning lake communities where residents love to live.

Part of the Hopewell Group of Companies, which is a 2017 Best Managed Companies recipient, Hopewell Residential is headquartered in Calgary. Our team offers an incredible breadth and depth of expertise with regards to land and community development, single-family and multi-family home-building. Our culture is one that celebrates innovative ideas and challenges the status quo. It’s not about being different – it’s about designing and building better homes and communities with the comfort and enjoyment of future residents as our top priority.

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The Land Use Redesignation
& Outline Plan Application

Prior to our July 2017 submission, we met with local residents and community groups to hear their ideas and receive feedback on our preliminary vision and project concept. In September 2017 Hopewell received City of Calgary feedback on the initial July submission. Hopewell has reviewed and addressed those comments in conjunction with the feedback received from residents during our April Public Open House and one-on-one meetings. In January 2018 Hopewell submitted revised plans to the City of Calgary which responded to all feedback. Responses were either in the form of changes to the plan, or rationale as to why changes were not deemed feasible. The revised plan is reflected here.

The most significant changes to the application based on the feedback received include:

More Green Space

The revised plan includes more open space as a result of the retention of an existing wetland and vegetation in the northwest portion of the plan area.

Fewer Anticipated Housing Units

As a result of retaining an existing wetland and vegetated area in the northwest portion of the plan area and associated limitations on the potential for grading of the surrounding area, the overall anticipated number of housing units for the site has decreased from approximately 890 to 804 (9.5% decrease).

Location/Configuration of Apartment Buildings

The revised plan reconfigures the location of the apartment buildings by locating them away from the north and east property line and closer to Arbour Lake Road. This will provide a better buffer between existing residential uses to the north and serve to mitigate concerns about loss of views.

New Pedestrian Connections

The revised plans introduce three new publically accessible walkways that will connect to Arbour Lake Road. These connections will allow for greater ease of access to transit services on Arbour Lake Road, the northern connection near the wetland, and provide access to the proposed central park space.

We’ll continue to keep residents engaged and informed throughout the application process – this includes informing residents of any future revisions made to the plan, and the reasoning behind them.

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