Amended Application based on Feedback from the Arbour Lake Community

We have outlined the major changes made to the amended application based on the feedback from community members and the technical review conducted by The City.

Location/Configuration of Apartment Buildings

During Phase 1 of the community engagement process, a large number of citizens expressed concern about the proposed locations of apartment buildings and the potential for them to block existing views from their homes.

The revised plan locates the apartment buildings away from the north and east property line and closer to Arbour Lake Road NW. This will create a buffer between existing residential uses to the north and serve to mitigate concerns about loss of views.

New Pedestrian Connections

Citizens mentioned that they would like additional access points throughout the area to improve walkability.

The revised plan formalizes two new publically accessible walkways that will connect to Arbour Lake Road NW. These connections will improve access to transit services on Arbour Lake Road NW and introduce a new urban design feature that will provide additional public benefit.


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